Every motion is emotion

Hey, hi, hello!

My name is Gergan Nikolov, by nick Gero.
I love coffee, Apple stuffs and casual hookah places around the world… And I can tell you more and more but lets leave this for another time…

By a profession I am experienced WEB developer.
I could help you with different kind of problems.
Starting from the beautiful interface of your application to the strong algorithms used to load information with ease & gracefulness!

My knowledge is spread all around the $web_stack!
Once we’ve get to know each other let me show you my story.

Starting with the Work Experience

My first “official job” was at DevriX. There I’ve started as an intern. As an Intern I’ve learned a lot of things about the WEB Stack & the WordPress core.

With the time I’ve moved from intern to Junior to Senior WordPress developer. In the stage of Senior I had to navigate a team of three members (Junior dev, Q&A and Marketer) beside me during the projects development. That allows me to learn what motivates the team and also where, when & why mistakes are happening.

Sadly but after a year I had to quit… So I’ve moved on to Advent Group… After almost an year of learning different kinds of marketing strategies and SEO optimization algos, I’ve decided to get back to my roots at FFCC as a Senior WEB developer.

With the time things changed and I was promoted to R&D Manager of the Development and Design team at Polarica. Which bring me in a situation where I had to deal not only with the development of the projects, but with moving all the related stuff forward. Team problems and miss understandings, new and challenging tasks for everyone, new comers interviewing and all the other interesting stuff related to the company grow.

Beside them I love to work on different ideas: AI algorithms,Β Mobile Apps designing and developmentΒ & even coaching people from time to time!

Continuing with the Projects

During the years I’ve been working on a lot of different things… Some of my favorites are listed bellow!

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