With the coming of the technologies not only the industry is changing, but the working places are evolving too. And if you don't understand it on time, you are fated to loose your hard working and conscientious employees.

Don't believe me? Just watch!

Before a little less than decade, people were happy to work from an office and the office was representing the success. I don't blame them, I believe in that too for a very long time.

Back then everyone was speaking about how hard is to concentrate on your job from other place different from your office... That's probably true in some cases, but it all depends on you and your believes for a comfortable work place.

Nowadays offices are usually overloaded with employees working in totally different spheres. Which is not so bad, because you can learn something interesting in every moment, but that is literally killing your concentration, which reflects on your productivity. And that's what makes the offices of 2017 even more distracting places...

What can be done?

Of course you can "pack" each of your employees in a single cardboard boxes and everyone of them will work from his/hers box from 9am to 6pm but that is killing the social spirit and increases the potential which I've mentioned above...

So what can be done?

As one of my favorite pictures says: Employees stays when they are...

VALUED is the keyword. When your employees are doing their jobs strictly and respectfully to you and your business, there aren't any reasons why to not allow them to work from everywhere they want.

That will not only make your people happier, but it will also save you money from rent, internet and free stuff for the office. Instead of that you may invest part of them in coffee shops which offers business cards. For example Starbucks (I'm a SB lover) has a very interesting packages which totally works for this kind of experience.

Why companies don't do that?

I love to meet with new people from the sphere, with whom to speak for business and share ideas... And on my latest meets I was curious if they are a supporters of the coffice culture as me, so I've asked.

Guess what?! The answers were "No! Are you mad? That happens only in Hollywood.";

That personally trows me in the touch line and my curiosity has grown even more, with it I continue to ask... On the question Why? people were answering different things. From security to the bad internet connection...

Let's be honest guys, we are living in 21st century and today is 30 of January 2017. You can browse your Instagram from every spot in the world and you are telling me that the internet connectivity is the problem?! That can be easily fixed with a single Mobile Hotspot plan for your company, which is cheaper & better than your local office internet provider.

About the security. I really love when someone starts to tell me how the only safe place in the world from where you can share your files is the office... Guys once again, we are in the 21st century, you can move your VPN anywhere you go with you.

And what happened? The only obvious reason, why employers don't allow their employees to work from where they like is the trust. They just don't trust in that you'll continue to do your job, if they are not staying right behind you, poking you with a sti*k until you git commit all of your changes...

In conclusion

Business is just like a relationship... If you don't trust the people with whom you are working, why are you working with them?!

I personally believe that every job can be done from every place you like. Only if you are a farmer that may be a little problem, but I'm sure that Starbucks has a "farm package" too... :D

You still don't believe me?

It will be a pleasure if you join me on my Sunday coffic-ing next week!

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