We all have those moments in which we feel like, we are in a depth... Everything that we try to do is breaking and the only good thing is that we are still alive after all of the fails. But with all of the bad things that are happening during those periods there are several good skill improvements that we get while we are "burned out".

Very simple things: Problem solving, Heart attack survival, Self improvement

But before we can achieve the goods, we have to go trough our hardest times. Let's go!

What is the burning out process?

Based on the psychology understandings "To be burned out" is a state of mind which occurs when you are pushing yourself trough your limits, too much & too often.

That sounds legit, right? But let's be honest, if the final goal makes you to feel happy, the problem is not at that your are driving off the limits. The whole thing comes from that you are not passionate enough to overcome the difficulties which occurs on the track.

But why we are loosing "hope" in the things that we are doing?

Reasons for that can be as many as the stars, but one of the main are:

Human brain is structured to expect results.

So if we don't see some as soon as the project starts, we start to loose interest. And with that we start to feel bad and exhausted working on the case...

The lack of support may drive to success or destroy a great idea.

As the quote above says "human brain is structured to expect results" and if those results are negative they can lead us to a very deep mental hole, which to bury our productivity along side with our ideas.

Personally I've experienced that issue with one of my projects. People where saying that the idea is stup*d and it's a waste of time. They were saying that nobody will ever use it, but shortly after the release it becomes one of the popular plugins in WordPress.org for user listing directories.

Let me share something that I've learned trough the years... There aren't anything like bad advertisement. If the people are talking about your idea, then those people have used your product and the chance someone else to followup and use it is over 99. So don't give up even the darkest clouds come to you!

Once we understood what is the meaning of burning out. Let's see

How to get over a burnout?

Once you fall offside, you are faced in front of two opportunities... To surrender or to scratch harder and dig your way back to the success.

I understand that when you've fall so deep it's hard to continue fighting, but listen to me: You have to continue digging, there aren't anything that you can't do!

First of all: Face the problems

When you sit and draw a table of problems (contents), you'll see the exact reasons and the exact things that had broken during the process. After that you'll be able to found a solution for each of them.

Step by step, day by day, you'll manage to fix those "blocker" issues.

If something is not fixing from the third time, you probably don't need it or you are doing it in the wrong way. So go back the scratch board and see the requirements.

I remember that once I was struggling over the structure of a new product for 5 days... After that my partner came to me and said that simple thing - "Why don't you re-think the idea?" Trust me, sometimes starting from the beginning is a better choice than struggling in the mess.

Second: Don't break under the pressure

With the problems comes the stress. Yes it's bad, but remember: You still have the oxygen in your lungs! So you still have a chance to get over the situation.

Reminding that key-part will help you to stay calm and think straight for a solution. And remember, don't allow to yourself to fall in a depression. If that happens take a break. You need only three days to recover from a depression. Just forget about the responsibilities during that time and take a rest with the things that you like the most (for me it's coffee, hookah and sunbathing next to a river, with the previous two things)!

Third: ^Level UP^

Once you face the problems, break the rules and find a solution for them, it's time to sit and take the most important lessons from the situation. You can find-out how to avoid situations like this one, once you answer the following questions for you:

  1. Why those problems were that crucial?
  2. What are the hidden marks from them?
  3. Where do I stand after all?

After you find the answers of those questions, you are officially there.

Welcome back!

As I told you in every bad situation there are group of good things that will help you to improve yourself.

In the end, remember the three important steps to take over a $_BURNOUT:

  1. Face the problems
  2. Don't break under the pressure
  3. Improve yourself