From the dawn of time people are learning from their mistakes, the smarter one are trying to "steal" knowledge from the mistakes of those who surround them too.

When I've heard that in my early age a bright thought came to me. I had to find the right people from whom to get as much as possible, everything that was right to mine interests had to be taken. Through the years that brought me to many mistakes but it also gave me a lot of knowledge which was converted to very successful decisions on a later stage. And here I am in 2019 with dozens of experience in many different spheres seasoned with bunch of crazy ideas related to them.

But before we go deeper, lets start everything from the beginning and jump back to year 1.

How to determine the right people (your mentors)?

That's the most important question by my opinion. Why it's so important?

Depending on that how fast you find the right people, you'll start to learn earlier and grow your talents faster. Of course the chances to "win the jackpot" from the first time are always 50/50. So in order to make the odds in your favor, do your research on the person. Check in which sphere is his/hers success and be careful with the ladies. 😉

What are your goals? Do you want to have a successful career or you want to change the world? Think on this, find your niche, doing so will allow you to have a bigger "target group" from which to learn.

Sounds messy doesn't it? Don't worry about it, when you finish this article you'll get the bigger picture.

The three mentors: M, Y, S

What does those letters mean M, Y, S? They are related to the people and the order in which those people changed my life for good.


M from the latin word laboranteM which meaning is diligence. My very first mentor thought me of the most valuable lesson:

Your luck is a mix of all ups and downs. If you are really willing to be successful never stop working!

While you are reading those notes maybe you think "Huh, I know that" but stop for a while and think. When was the last time you've spent more than one hour on some of your crazy ideas? I know these days our lives are moving crazy fast and we have to deal with many other things, but set your goals. Make sure to play with your idea at least 3 hours per day and I assure you, one of the three steps to success is already done.

Okay, but what's so hard to find those three hours per day? I've been missing the small detail that one day has only 24 hours in it. From those it's kinda good to sleep at least 8, our daily job is fixed in more or less 9 and there are only 7 that've left. You have to prepare a good plan for those 7 free hours which you have. Be sure to put a small break after your work day and have 3 more hours to work, but on your own idea. Developing that kind of a routine has a bit of a risk from "burnouting". But don't worry, I've done this one as well and here I am still with you. If you've never experienced a burnout be sure to check it here. Or if you've experienced it, tell me what do you think. Maybe you've you felt the same way like me?


Y not closely related to the latin word probitatis, which meaning is honesty. The second lesson which I've learned by the hard way is honesty.

Be honest with everyone but most importantly be honest with yourself!

Why it's so important to be honest with people? Few years ago there was a period in my life when I've lost a lot of friends because of lies. Lies which they've decided to practice on me. During that period my way of thinking about the world changed completely. I started to have prejudices about people, what's scarier is that they were bad prejudices. That was the moment when I've learned to say NO. But you have to remember that no is not always the answer. If you try to abuse it too much, the consequences will soon come on your front door and ask you to pay.

When that happen, I sat back and thought about honesty. In order to receive it, you have to earn it. Knowing this I've started to be completely open with people, didn't matter if they were friends, family or someone on the street. Of course that's not always nice, but if you find the correct way to say the things as they are, people will start to answer you in the same way.


not closely related to the latin word patientia, which meaning is patience.

The small details are the one which make the big picture. Be patient and check every detail!

That's the third lesson which I've learned from my mentors. Patience is extremely useful quality and it's always valued highly by others. Use it as a source of power and you'll be able to build a lot better products.

"The power of people is not measured in money. Its real value comes from peoples patience and lust for success." - R. N.

Final words:

Besides the three mentors it's extremely important to find a person who has similar understandings and path of interests like you. Leave the age and the gender aside. If you manage to find the right person, that'll help you to do bigger things and you'll also have a trusted partner for future investments and collaborations.

I hope you'll find this article useful. Please share your thoughts personally from here!